Simoa Reader

Quanterix approached Continuum to refresh the UI system for their molecular analyzing device, Simoa Reader 3.0.  

The company’s digital health solution, Simoa, is changing the way in which the biology of health and disease is studied by giving researchers the ability to closely examine critical biomarkers. In doing so, Quanterix enables development of methods to provide much earlier disease detection, better prognoses and enhanced treatment methods and improve the quality of life and longevity of the population for generations to come. The technology is currently being used for applications in a majority of therapeutic areas, including oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation and infectious disease. 

3 project goals were identified as creating an intuitive interface, ushering in a new system bringing modern UI design into the laboratory, and reducing the learning curve to operate this medical device.

Working with the Senior Industrial designer, Charles built a full scale model of the product including the installation of the touchscreen and computer to simulate the user's interactions with the physical and digital aspects of this device. This holistic prototype unveiled key insights in optimizing Simoa's UI. 

Charles solely managed this project and led the UX/UI development to deliver an effective UI system that Quanterix will extend across additional product lines.