Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed care organization in the United States. While in great standing within the medical industry, disruption in the health care sector along with new expectations and demands from patients required KP to reevaluate their interactions with potential members.  

In collaboration with strategists and designers at Blitz Agency, Charles creative directed a tactical approach for KP.  The team identified key areas of a user's shopping journey when seeking healthcare. The research revealed how the many departments within KP simultaneously reached out to the consumer causing unnecessary overload and confusion.  This lack in effective communication between the consumer and the healthcare provider disrupted with what should be a straightforward shopping process.  By identifying these touch points, the team provided an effective approach for KP on how to leverage the disparate departments and work together when reaching out to prospective members.

The end product, One KP, empowered Kaiser Permanente to optimize their organization and successfully communicate to a confused healthcare shopping consumer in receiving the best insurance plan catered to their needs.