With streaming services threatening traditional set-top box entertainment delivery services, DirecTV looked for innovative methods to deliver television content to consumers.  DirecTV contracted BLITZ to conceptualize a product that would attract new customers to the DirecTV ecosystem at a lower price-point and also be available to them on any device while not cannibalizing from their premium offering. 

With only a handful of weeks to research, conceptualize, and prototype, Charles creative directed a small team of UX/UI designers to imagine a new offering for DirecTV. The final concept, dubbed "The Concourse" would present viewers with curated live content and recommend shows based off their activity, time of day, social network, and other personalized data. 

Other feature ideas included a visual, faceted search experience which allows customers to pivot at any point within a search and discover movies or shows in a fresh and delightful way.  The end credit experience was also reimagined, creating new pathways to binge watching not only by continuing episodes from a series, but watching other shows from the same director, actor, genre, and much more.  

With many hours of editing down flows and ensuring UI elements to be as invisible as possible, the simplicity of usage was a critical design pillar for this concept. A true lean back experience, viewers could binge watch entertainment in ways they never experienced before, allowing the user to be immersed in the full screen artwork.