Nike+ identified an underserved running community and it was imperative to create a motivational platform that inspired runners and non-runners alike to track and discover routes. The mobile application captured and visualized the runner's statistics in the form of the iconic Nike+ run curve.  Additional information such as GPS location, weather,  and footwear were collected for robust data tracking of the user's activities.  

Charles, the Senior Art Director for this account, led a team of user experience designers and visual artists, alongside with developers, in launching a brand new platform built on HTML 5. With a user-centered design approach, Charles studied user feedback and conceptualized ideas that were used to create prototypes for testing out new features. These features included: a records system in which the runner can compete with others, a mapping platform to discover alternative routes, and a personalized collection of routes from the runner's history. 

Furthermore, Charles spearheaded the design and development of a new stand-alone mapping platform used to map the runners in the Nike Women's Marathon in San Francisco.  Marathon runners could share their running data on social networks to get virtual cheers from their friends and family.  

During his time there, Charles also designed the first Nike+ application for Android - introducing additional features to the Nike+ ecosystem.